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What Documents are Required for Mortgage Refinancing in Toronto?

Mortgage refinancing is a long and arduous process that requires attention to detail. Certain legal documents and parameters need to be taken care of in order for this endeavour to be executed correctly and with minimal financial risk. 

There are many different reasons why property owners might choose to refinance their mortgage from debt consolidation to cashing in on your home’s equity. Whatever your reasons are, there are a few important things you should know to prepare in advance. 

Speak to a mortgage real estate lawyer in Toronto or a broker to get the process started and answer all of your questions. To help get you started on the right foot, here’s a general list of the different legal and financial documents you’ll need to submit to your lender to refinance your mortgage. 

Proof of Income and Employment Documents 

Lenders need to know your employment status before they can approve your mortgage refinancing request in good faith. This is mostly to give you credibility and protect their investment. Here are the proof of income and employment documents you need to submit:

  • Most recent pay stub to prove your income 
  • T1 Tax forms
  • Notice of Assessment
  • Letter of employment
  • T4 and T4A for last two years of income tax returns 
  • Business Articles of Incorporation for Self-Employed Candidates

Personal Finance Documents to Prove Your Creditworthiness 

Personal finance documents prove to lenders that your credit score is in good standing. They also demonstrate that you’re living within your financial means and can afford to repay your mortgage loan. Lenders use your personal expenditures, assets, and your credit score to determine your reliability and as a means of risk assessment. Here are the personal finance documents required of you:

  • Bank account statements
  • Investment and assets statements
  • Mortgage pre-approval letter
  • Credit report to plan valuation 

Down Payment Documents to Secure a Mortgage 

If you’re planning on selling your existing home and purchasing a new one, then you can port or transfer your existing mortgage to the new property. If the value of the property you’re purchasing is higher than the value of the one you’re selling, then your mortgage lender might require you to pay a higher interest rate to protect their investment. You’ll also have to put down payment on the purchase property and supply the following documents to secure the new mortgage:

  • Investments or saving statements from last 90 days
  • Sale agreement of an already existing property
  • RRSP withdrawals through Home Buyer’s Plan (HBP)
  • Gift letter

Important Property Details 

Certain details about the property need to be disclosed to your financial institution or mortgage lender. Your mortgage lawyer in Toronto can help you prepare the correct legal documents containing the following information:

  • Sale and purchase agreement
  • Real estate listing (MLS)
  • Property address
  • Recent mortgage statements
  • Property’s legal description

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