About Zinati Kay – Your Trusted Real Estate Lawyer in Toronto

For over 25 years, Zinati Kay has been providing a full range of residential real estate law services across Toronto, setting us apart as an authority in the field. As one of the leading real estate law firms in Toronto, we offer fixed closing costs, providing clarity and trust to our clients in all their transactions. We have closed over 25,000 real estate deals without a title claim, which is a testament to our expertise and meticulous approach.

We specialize in catering to clients buying or selling their homes, as well as those mortgaging their property. Whether you are located downtown, stretching east to Oshawa or north to Newmarket, or anywhere in Ontario, we are equipped to provide you with reliable real estate law advice.

Our Expert Real Estate Law Team in Toronto

At the helm of Zinati Kay is John Zinati, a respected stalwart in the real estate law field, who oversees our comprehensive suite of real estate law services. John’s academic credentials are impressive, with degrees from the University of Toronto and Osgoode Hall Law School.

Beyond his educational background, John’s dedication to knowledge sharing is notable—he consistently informs the real estate community through his newsletter, Title Tips, and various speaking engagements. His industry influence is further substantiated by his role on the Advisory Council at First Canadian Title and the multiple Title Insurance Certificates of Excellence he has earned over the years.

Our competent team also includes Jonathan Mak, Cathy Harpaul, and Leroy Law, all holders of the Juris Doctor. They bring a wealth of expertise spanning a myriad of real estate matters, including residential purchases, sales, pre-construction transactions, refinance transactions, title transfers, and assignment transactions.

Overall, the Zinati Kay team is a blend of experience and diligence, consisting of four expert lawyers and seven meticulous clerks. Each team member is committed to ensuring every client receives focused care and attention. Recognizing the importance of direct communication in significant financial transactions, we assure you direct interaction with a lawyer when you book an appointment with us, rather than a representative. At Zinati Kay, we place your needs at the forefront, offering professional guidance at every step.

Fixed Closing Costs – A Pioneering Approach

We were one of the first Toronto real estate law firms to introduce the concept of fixed closing costs over two decades ago. We believe in complete transparency and assure you that there are no hidden fees. With Zinati Kay, you will know precisely what you are paying:

  • Buying a house: $999 + HST
  • Selling a house: $999 + HST

Please note: All prices, costs, and quotes are subject to change and set out in detail on our website.

Diligence and Detail

Unlike many other law firms, we employ professional title searchers to conduct searches and provide reports on the title before closing. This ensures an additional level of scrutiny to protect your interests. With Zinati Kay, it is an experienced title searcher examining your title, not just a clerk.

Adherence to Ethical Standards

Zinati Kay operates strictly under the guidelines set forth by the Law Society. We uphold the highest level of integrity, transparency, and professionalism in all our dealings. To retain our services, kindly contact us directly, and we will provide written confirmation as soon as we are officially retained.

Note: The use of this website does not establish a solicitor-client relationship. For personalized legal advice, please reach out to us directly.

Our Commitment to Education and Awareness

In our quest to make real estate matters more accessible, we regularly publish a newsletter to provide updates and insights on industry trends and legalities. Our lawyers also conduct informational sessions at real estate offices to broaden community understanding.

Virtual Closings and Signings on All Files

We offer virtual signings on all our files, so that there may be no need to come into our offices at all. We handle keys and payment of proceeds through the latest technologies and approaches. You will not need to come into our offices to complete your transaction. However, if you’d like to come in, we are always glad to see you!

Strategically Located Offices for Your Convenience

Zinati Kay prides itself on being accessible and close to its clients. We have a prime office location to serve you better if you want to come in. Our office is positioned strategically at Kennedy and the 401, providing easy access to clients residing or working in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area.

With our central location and virtual appointments, we are fully equipped to serve anyone buying, selling, or mortgaging a home anywhere in Toronto or anywhere in Ontario.

Recognition and Awards

Our commitment to offering the best possible service to our clients has been recognized in the industry. We’re proud to share that Zinati Kay has been named one of the Top 3 Real Estate Lawyers in Toronto by Three Best Rated for five consecutive years (2019 – 2023). This award highlights our dedication to our clients, our expertise in the field, and our consistent performance in the industry.

We deeply appreciate these recognitions, but our true success lies in the thousands of satisfied clients we’ve had the privilege to serve over the years. To us, every closed deal is an achievement, and every satisfied client is a reward.

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If you’re buying, selling, or mortgaging a home in Toronto and need a reliable real estate lawyer, contact Zinati Kay today. We’re here to provide professional service at a reasonable price, ensuring you’re fully supported during every step of your real estate journey.

[Disclaimer: The information provided on this website should not be construed as legal advice.]