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Zinati Kay ‘s diverse team” brings decades of experience and expertise to every real estate transaction.


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Buying Property.
$999* + Tax

Fixed closing costs include all fees and necessary disbursements, ensuring complete transparency for your home purchase.

$999* + Tax

One straightforward fee covers comprehensive legal services and disbursements, streamlining your property sale.

$999* + Tax

Simplify your mortgage refinancing with an all-inclusive fee that covers all legal aspects and associated closing costs.

Title Transfer.
$999* + Tax

Experience hassle-free title transfers with a single fee encompassing all standard associated legal costs.

Trusted to Advise in

Your Trusted Partner for Every Real Estate Transaction

Buying or selling property in Toronto can be confusing – complex real estate laws, unfamiliar terms, and the fear of unexpected costs. At Zinati Kay, we believe the legal side of your real estate transaction should be clear and stress-free.

Our fixed closing costs give you peace of mind, and our experienced team will explain every step of the process in simple, understandable language. We know this is a major financial decision, and we’re dedicated to protecting your interests while guiding you through the legal complexities of Toronto’s real estate market.

With Zinati Kay, you gain a trusted partner dedicated to your success, ensuring you feel informed and confident throughout your property transaction.

Sameep T
Sameep T
I , 100% vouch for and recommend Zinati Kay! Their expertise and professionalism made the entire house closing process seamless and stress-free. From start to finish, they were attentive, responsive, and ensured that every detail was handled with precision. Their knowledge of real estate law is exceptional, and they went above and beyond to ensure that my interests were protected. Thanks to the lawyers Mike and John at Zinati Kay, I had complete peace of mind throughout the closing process. If you're looking for a top-notch house closing lawyer, look no further than Zinati Kay!
Chris Lang
Chris Lang
John definitely went the extra mile for us with regards to our situation! Service was above and beyond what we expected. We will definitely be using his services again in the future!
I have used Zinati Kay for multiple transactions and have always received professional service. We recently had a closing with some challenges presented from the other party but the team at Zinati Kay handled the situation very professionaly and ensured the best outcome for us. This is why we continue to use you for our closings and recommend you guys to all our family and friends. Thanks Again!!
John Tha
John Tha
Great experience working with Zinati Kay remotely on the sale of my property in Toronto: Prompt response to request for a quotation on their fee for service and disbursements. Quotation was clear, inclusive and competitively priced. Hi-tech ID verification remotely using cellphone app. Overall a smooth professional process.
Jenesis Locquiao
Jenesis Locquiao
Closed another property with John and the team. Many thanks to Crystal, Jonathan and Carolyn !! Highly recommended firm to close your property deals, they're fast and friendly.
Raj Mehta
Raj Mehta
Thank you very much John, Crystal, Cathy and Jonathan for providing an excellent service and helping us with the real estate purchase closing. Entire process is extremely time efficient and well managed. I highly recommend team Zinati Kay for a real estate transaction :)
Wais Ghafoori
Wais Ghafoori
Amazing service, first time using them and had amazing service. I made a mistake on my end for something and they fixed it right away with no questions asked and did everything in such a timely manner. Great customer service and just professional overall. I already have 2 other transactions which I’m going to be using them for and most likely all my business going forward will be with them. Thanks again Johnathan and Crystal from the firm.
Jimmy Locquiao
Jimmy Locquiao
Myself and my clients have been working with Zinati Kay in the last couple of years. They have been amazing to work with and quick to respond. They have fought for some of my clients whenever there is an issue and to make sure the closing process is smooth as possible.
Amer Sham
Amer Sham
I had great experience with Zinati Kay real estate law. They are professional and knowledgeable and every thing went smoothly. They responded promptly to any question came up. I would highly recommend them.

Your Real Estate Needs, Our Priority

At Zinati Kay, we put you first. From clear communication to unwavering support, we’re committed to exceeding your expectations. Contact us for the personalized legal attention you deserve.

Based on 340+ reviews

(4.9 reviews)

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Why Choose Zinati Kay for Your Real Estate Needs

At Zinati Kay, we redefine real estate law with a blend of tradition and innovation. With over 25 years mastering Toronto’s market, our team of adept real estate lawyers are not just advisors but your strategic allies. We navigate the labyrinth of real estate intricacies with an unmatched virtual prowess, making consultations and closings convenient without compromising on the personalized touch.

Our Scope: Versatile and Comprehensive Legal Solutions

Whether it’s residential tranquility or commercial ventures, our practice stands equipped for all. Our expertise goes beyond transactions, offering a spectrum of services that include mortgage refinancing, title insurance analysis, and dispute resolution. At Zinati Kay, we’re more than just real estate lawyers; we’re your holistic legal strategists, ensuring you’re safeguarded across all real estate arenas.

Our Promise: Transparent Pricing, Unwavering Quality

With Zinati Kay, financial foresight meets legal excellence. Our competitive pricing isn’t just about affordability; it’s about providing you with cost transparency for peace of mind. Every quote is a promise of value, ensuring you receive top-tier legal guidance without the dread of hidden costs. Your investments are significant, and our mission is to protect them with meticulous contract reviews, shrewd negotiations, and a relentless pursuit of your best interests. Choose Zinati Kay, where quality isn’t an option — it’s our steadfast commitment.

Our Mission

We’re here to make real estate law as clear and uncomplicated as possible. You have questions and concerns; we have the knowledge and experience to address them. Our goal is to keep your transactions smooth and your interests protected, all through a modern, virtual approach that fits your lifestyle.

Our Vision

We aim to be the team you think of when you want real estate issues handled with expertise and efficiency. We want to be known for being approachable, transparent, and always one step ahead. Our vision is to ensure that every client feels informed, confident, and supported.

Our Work Ethic

We work diligently and think creatively. Our team tackles each case with a deep understanding of the law and a commitment to finding the best outcome for you. We pride ourselves on being responsive, responsible, and relentless in pursuing your real estate goals.

Serving And Providing Best Services For Clients

Toronto real estate lawyer's desk with a gavel and house model, representing legal authority and expertise in real estate law

Title Transfers

Secure your ownership rights with confidence. We conduct meticulous title searches to uncover any potential issues, resolving them proactively. Our team prepares all necessary documentation for a seamless title transfer process, ensuring your investment in the property is protected.

Two professionals shaking hands in Toronto, representing successful partnerships facilitated by Zinati Kay Real Estate Law Firm in real estate law matters

Selling Property

Sell your property with confidence and maximize your return. Our team handles all legal aspects of your sale, from meticulous preparation of documentation to skilled negotiation with buyers. We prioritize minimizing stress while ensuring a smooth and successful transaction.

Toronto real estate transaction at Zinati Kay Real Estate Law Firm, showing a handshake over model houses, symbolizing successful property negotiations.

Buying Property

Find your perfect property with our expert support by your side. We’ll handle all legal due diligence, review contracts meticulously, and manage closing procedures. Our goal is to make your property purchase a smooth and successful experience.

Hidden Costs of Homebuying in Toronto

Mortgages Refinancing

Secure better terms or access equity with our refinancing assistance. We’ll streamline the process, explaining your options clearly and helping you navigate the complexities of mortgage refinancing. Our goal is to help you achieve your financial objectives with your mortgage.

Property Title Transfer

Estates & Probate

We offer compassionate guidance during difficult times. Our team assists with probate, the legal process of administering an estate, and resolves any disputes that may arise. We provide clear explanations and sensitivity throughout, helping you navigate these complex legal matters.

home keys

Transfer of Ownership

We facilitate seamless ownership transfers for various reasons, such as gifting property or changes in business structures. Our team handles all legal aspects, ensuring a smooth transition for all parties involved and protecting your interests throughout the process.

Your Property, Our Priority!

With us, you’re not just another case file; you’re our top priority. Whether you’re buying, selling, or refinancing, we provide the clear, practical legal advice you need. Don’t get lost in the fine print; our team stands ready to guide you through every step of the process. Reach out today—experience the ease of real estate law handled by experts who prioritize your peace of mind.

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Title Claims

Your Trusted Partner for Every Real Estate Transaction

Zinati Kay brings decades of experience and expertise to every real estate transaction. We understand that Toronto’s dynamic market demands both legal precision and a client-focused approach. Our solutions are designed to streamline the process, protect your interests, and provide the clarity you need for confident decision-making.

Fixed Closing Costs for Upfront Clarity

Our fixed closing cost structure provides financial predictability and peace of mind. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Purchases: $999* + HST + Disbursements
  • Sales: $999* + HST + Disbursements
  • Refinance: $999* + HST + Disbursements
Closing on Home
Group portrait of Zinati Kay Real Estate Law Firm lawyers in Toronto, demonstrating their expertise and commitment to real estate law

Remote Signing for Enhanced Safety and Convenience

Zinati Kay embraces the power of technology by offering remote signing options that ensure both safety and convenience. Utilizing secure, state-of-the-art online platforms, we enable you to review and sign crucial real estate documents without ever leaving your home or office. This modern approach not only streamlines the closing process but also significantly reduces the time and effort involved in finalizing real estate transactions. By choosing remote signing, you can maintain complete control over your schedule while ensuring that all documents are handled with the utmost security and compliance standards. 

Land Transfer Tax in Toronto

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Understanding the Challenges in Real Estate Transactions

We know buying or selling a property in Toronto is a major life decision. While exciting, the process can also feel overwhelming, especially navigating the legal side. Our aim is to ease your worries and empower you with clear information. Let’s break down some of the common challenges you might encounter, so you feel prepared and in control every step of the way.

Real estate deals involve a lot of specialized contracts, regulations, and legal terms that can be difficult to understand. Not knowing what these laws mean for your specific situation can cause unnecessary stress. Our team at Zinati Kay, one of the top Toronto real estate law firms, is here to translate the complexities of real estate law into simple explanations. We’ll answer all your questions patiently, ensuring you feel confident about the legal aspects of your transaction.

Unexpected fees can seriously impact your budget and take the joy out of buying or selling a property. We want you to feel financially prepared. Here are some potential “hidden” costs in Toronto real estate transactions:

  • Land Transfer Tax: This significant Ontario tax applies to property purchases.
  • Appraisal and Inspection Fees: Lenders often require these to assess a property’s value and condition.
  • Title Insurance: This protects you against ownership disputes or title defects.
  • Legal Fees: We provide a clear, itemized breakdown upfront, so there are no surprises.

The Zinati Kay Process: How We Work With You

Real estate transactions in Toronto often come with complexities that can derail your plans and add significant stress. Zinata Kay’s team of experienced real estate lawyers acts as your proactive problem-solvers. Our process is designed to identify risks, develop effective solutions, and ensure your real estate journey remains on track.

Step-by-Step Guide to Our Real Estate Services

We start by carefully analyzing your specific situation – property details, financial goals, timelines, and any potential red flags you’ve already identified. The more we understand, the better equipped we are to anticipate obstacles.

Based on our analysis, we’ll develop a strategy designed to both achieve your desired results and minimize risk exposure. We’ll identify potential legal pitfalls, develop contingencies, and proactively address issues, protecting your interests from the outset.

We’ll meticulously examine every contract, lease, mortgage document, and title report. Our goal is to uncover hidden clauses, address any ambiguities, and ensure the terms protect you from future disputes or financial liability.

Whether it’s negotiating repairs with the seller, addressing a zoning restriction, or resolving a title dispute, we’ll work diligently to find solutions that achieve your goals while minimizing cost and delay.

We’ll handle all aspects of the closing process – coordinating with lenders, title companies, and other parties. Our focus on proactive preparation ensures a smooth and efficient conclusion to your real estate transaction. We want you to focus on your new investment, not last-minute legal hurdles.

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in complete financial transparency. We provide detailed quotes outlining legal fees, land transfer tax, title insurance, and any applicable disbursements. Specific to your transaction, we’ll discuss potential cost-saving strategies and offer guidance on typical closing costs for residential or commercial real estate in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our remote signing platform offers convenience and security for your real estate transaction. Easily review and sign legal documents electronically from anywhere. We’ll guide you through the process, working closely with financial institutions to prioritize the security of your information, ensuring a seamless experience.

We strive to eliminate financial surprises. Should your transaction involve complexities such as litigation or require additional specialized services, we’ll collaborate with you. We’ll explain any potential extra costs and their impact, seeking your approval before proceeding.

Buying your first home is exciting! We’ll act as your trusted advisors, explaining every step of the legal process clearly. Our real estate group will review your purchase agreement, mortgage, and all paperwork, ensuring you understand your rights as a new homeowner. Let our years of experience guide you to make informed decisions that align with your goals.

Let’s clarify closing costs. These are fees associated with finalizing your real estate transaction, typically including legal fees, land transfer tax, title insurance, and disbursements. We’ll personalize this explanation, breaking down each cost relevant to your specific residential or commercial real estate purchase.

Closing costs on a new home purchase in Ontario can vary depending on factors such as your property’s purchase price and whether you qualify for any land transfer tax rebates. We’ll provide a personalized estimate as part of your quote, including a breakdown of land transfer tax, legal fees, title insurance, and any other applicable expenses. Our team can also offer practical advice on budgeting strategies for closing costs.

Refinancing your mortgage also involves closing costs. We’ll calculate a detailed estimate tailored to your specific refinancing transaction. Typical costs may include appraisal fees, legal fees, and potential lender fees. We’ll explain each component clearly and work with you to explore strategies for minimizing unnecessary expenses where possible.

On closing day, you’ll typically pay your closing costs in cash or via a certified cheque. Our team will provide clear instructions in advance, outlining the exact amount due and the accepted forms of payment. We’re always available to discuss any questions you have about the payment process.

In Ontario, the buyer is responsible for paying closing costs when purchasing a home. These costs are due on the final closing date of your real estate transaction. We’ll ensure you’re fully prepared by providing a detailed estimate and guidance on budgeting for this crucial expense.

The exact amount you’ll pay in closing costs for a refinance depends on your specific circumstances and the terms of your new mortgage. Our team will provide a comprehensive estimate outlining all associated fees and charges, ensuring you have complete financial clarity before proceeding with your refinance. Let’s work together to achieve your real estate financing goals.

Secure Your Investment with Expert Care

When it comes to your property, every detail matters. We believe in action, not just advice. So, if you’re seeking a partner that prioritizes the security of your investment with meticulous attention and a robust work ethic, it’s time to connect with us. Reach out to Zinati Kay—where your property goals become our mission.