With over 25 years of real estate experience, we have had thousands of satisfied clients and receive referrals from hundreds of real estate agents. Below are just some of their comments about us and our firm. We appreciate them as much as they have appreciated us.

I wanted to thank you for your continuous assistance through the purchase, move-in, and closing of my pre-build condominium. As a first time buyer, you provided critical foresight in adding amendments to my purchase agreement that clearly held the builder to terms of the agreement and avoided major legal issues. Through the two year condo construction process your experience with builders helped set expectations and ensure I received the best resolution to issues encountered. The closing process for the condominium was completed quickly and without issue, which I believe is solely the result of your efforts and organization. I am happy to recommend you to all of my friends looking to buy their first home.” – E.O.

I have worked with John Zinati on multiple transactions. John is very practical and excellent at focusing on the crucial issues, saving time and making the deals smoother. He has a good grasp and understanding of real estate, which allows him to give solid, trustworthy advice. John’s multiple years of experience seeing a variety of transactions is definitely reflected in how smooth the whole process was. Overall, I highly recommend John as a real estate lawyer.” – D.M.

Being an experienced real estate professional as well as Director on the Toronto Real Estate Board, I can attest to the importance of great service. I have had the pleasure of working with many lawyers over the years representing a large array of clients and purchases. I can say, without any hesitation, that I would highly recommend John Zinati and his firm. Whenever I need to reach him, or have a question, they are always available. He is very diligent in his work ethic and well informed. If a client asks me to recommend a lawyer, I know if they choose Zinati and Kay, their best interests will be looked after. Great service, professionalism and caring ~ that sums it up ! I wish you continued success and look forward to many more successful transactions.” – M.M.

My family and I have worked with John on a number of transactions over the last 10 years, both large and small. We return to John because we find that he is always attentive to our needs, ensuring good communication and understanding between him and his clients. His focus is on doing his work the right way and always protecting the interests of his clients, while at the same time keeping costs down. We have been happy to use John for our real estate needs and are confident in recommending him to anyone needing help with Real Estate purchases or sales.” – R.H.

I have used the services of Zinati Kay on numerous occasions over the years and have had nothing but pleasant experiences. They are professional, efficient, and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a lawyer.” – D.P.

I have used the services of John Zinati for my entire real estate career. I confidently refer my clients to him and often seek advice from him on real estate matters, which he always responds to in a timely and professional manner. John is an integral part of my success in real estate.” – A.R.

John and his staff are the most knowledgeable, efficient law firm I have ever worked with. When I send them a client I know the client will be will taken care of and that the transaction will close smoothly.” – H.Y.

When it comes to assignments I will not refer clients to any other law firm besides Zinati Kay. Most law firms just say they know how to handle assignments when in fact they’re learning as they go. John understands the contracts as he has worked on 100s of assignment contracts. He represents the clients interest effectively and is also able to communicate to clients a complicated contract in simple terms. I will only use Zinati Kay for my clients assignments.” – H.Y.

I am an agent with both residential and 25 years of commercial Real Estate experience. I have used John Zinati to complete a number of my own transactions, some of which have been a little complicated. I have also referred John to many of my clients. In working with John both I and my clients have found him to be diligent in attending to our concerns and on top of all communications in a way that keeps us informed and makes us comfortable in completing our transaction. He and his staff are friendly, attentive to client concerns and keep things moving smoothly to final closing, whether that means delivering a set of keys or the final cheque on a sale. I look forward to continuing to work with John and highly recommend his services.” – N.M.

John Zinati and his staff have impressed me over the years with the most excellent and thorough service. They look at each and every land purchase and subsequent mortgage uniquely and with great care. To this day, I remain confident that John considers every nuance to my best advantage and security and I never hesitate when calling upon his team for guidance.” – M.K.

John Zinati is my first choice when it comes to real estate legal services. I’ve referred to many of my closest friends, family & clients because I know they’ll be in good hands. If you’re looking for a reliable real estate lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the industry I highly recommend John and his team.” – T.Y.

Whether you are a first time home buyer purchasing your first home, or a proficient real estate investor pursuing another deal, having a knowledge & skilled lawyer can make all the difference between closing a deal on time, versus not meeting the closing requirement. Most people think buying/selling another piece of real estate is a routine work for the attorney & agents involved, while this might be correct for the most part, it is the odd & unfortunate event that something goes wrong, for instance a rebate is not filled on time, problem with the lender, a complained filled against the buyer & needing a documented response…etc Having a well diverse, professional, patient & curious lawyer would mean the difference between securing your new family home or investment, or being left out in the dark.” – N.A.

I have been selling & buying real estate in Ontario for the past 5 years, throughout this period I had used different lawyers, but in 2009 my real estate agent, referred me to the office of Zinati Kay, I have worked with them on one closing after another, I have found them to be patient with my repeated & detailed questions, responsive to my numerous emails, and in few times where I had ran into difficulties with comprehend all the financial terms, Crystal of Zinati Kay have provided me with adequate & detailed information, helping to further understand my investment. In another incident where I struggled to understand tax rebate, John had provided one and one consultation helping me to understand, in the end I have always felt that I have a strong legal team behind me to protect my family investment. John appreciates the importance of putting his client best interest in mind, he is well positioned to handle & resolve disputes if they arise protecting his clients investments & providing a serene peace of mind. This quality work is performed at a cost that is reasonable and significantly less than the big law firms. I highly recommend John and the team at Zinati Kay.” – A.E.

Being in the business of Real Estate, I have dealt with numerous Real Estate Lawyers. John was referred to me by a colleague of mine a number of years ago. Since then, many of my clients have used his services. John’s staff is great to deal with and I feel completely confident when I know a client of mine has decided to use Zinaty Kay. In fact, I rely on John so much so that he was my lawyer for my own purchase a few years ago. And most recently, he dealt with my parents re-financing and purchase. John is definitely on my speed dial and he is the Lawyer I confidently refer out to all my clients, friends and family.” – J.A.

John is the best lawyer I have worked with since 2004. John and his team are there for our clients at the beginning stages to completion of their real estate purchase and or sale needs. They are thorough, answer all questions and are consistent in the way they handle each client.” – J.L.

Zinati Kay was introduced to me by my realtor based on the fact that the case was a complicated assignment, and since the first meeting I became completely confidant to have them as my real estate lawyer. During this time all my questions and queries have been answered professionally and promptly, giving me the feeling that there is always someone who is aware of all the details and taking care of everything. I am sure that I will continue working with them.” – O.J.

I have known John for more than five years and worked with him a few times. Since our last transaction where we worked together, I am even more convinced that he is the man for the job. I was selling my home while I was out of the country and communication was difficult. There were also other difficulties with the transaction to overcome, but John did so, with patience and efficiency and he did it at an attractive price given all the additional work he had to do. I will continue working with him, because he holds a high standard in his work and I am confident in the quality of his service in Real Estate Transactions!” – N.S.

When I was buying my first condo I was very new to the whole process. I had many questions and I felt a little overwhelmed. Fortunately I was referred to John Zinati of Zinati Kay Real Estate Lawyers. John was always very thorough and professional in answering all my questions and I felt comfortable right from our first meeting. It’s a good feeling to know that you can trust your lawyer and to know that he is always working in your best interest. In the end the whole process felt ‘easy’. Thanks John!” – J.M.

I came to John with a difficult and unusual real estate related problem that few real estate lawyers would be willing to take on and help me with. I felt alone and left with few options. John took the matter on and vigorously pursued a solution for me until I was satisfied. Thank you, John, for being in my corner and helping me to get a fair resolution. All your hard work, dedication and perseverance is greatly appreciated.” – M.A

I met John approximately 7 years ago as Broker/Manager at a large real estate firm where he had been providing service to our Sales Representatives and their clients for over 10 years now. We found him to be very knowledgeable and on top of the latest real estate laws as things change in our industry all the time. Any time that legal questions come up, John always finds the time to help and provide valuable advice ensuring a safe closing of transactions. We would not hesitate in recommending John Zinati and his firm to our Sales Representatives and to the consumers.” – R.L.

John and his team of lawyers never cease to amaze us. Working together over 4 years, countless times where my clients and I were in a crunch at the end of the month, before the weekend, before a closing, and they’ve delivered. Customer Service and Professionalism are mottos they take seriously. Effective communication so everyone is always informed & the icing on the cake: Zinati Kay manages to protect giving the best rates in town! Thanks John.” – M.W.