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Scarborough is one of the most popular areas in the Greater Toronto Area for immigrants and newcomers, and it is one of the most diverse and multicultural areas in the province. What began as a quiet, rural village 200 years ago, has now become a large city with tourist sites like the Scarborough Bluffs, great places to shop and entertain, and beautiful natural landscapes. The beauty and diversity of the area is one of the reasons why many have chosen Scarborough as their home.

At Zinati Kay – Real Estate Lawyers, we’ve closed thousands of transactions on properties in Scarborough and the GTA for Fixed Total Closing Costs. Located in the heart of Scarborough, just off the 401 and Kennedy Rd. (100 Cowdray Court, Suite 320), our primary focus is on real estate transactions.

We can also help you with any legal needs you have in areas such as Family Law and Divorce, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Commercial Law, Business and Corporate Law, Immigration Law, Employment Law, and Wills & Estates. If for some reason we cannot help you, we can find a lawyer who will.

If you are planning on buying, selling, or transferring the title of your home to someone else, choosing the right real estate law firm to help you can make all the difference. Contact us or make an appointment to visit our Scarborough office and we’d be happy to provide you with a you a written Fixed Closing Costs quote.

Our professional real estate lawyers in Scarborough can help you understand the terms of your forms and can provide you with advice and experience as you navigate the often-complex decisions involved in buying, selling, or transferring title on a property.

Here’s why it’s important to work with our real estate lawyers and how we can help you have a smooth transition.

Services Provided by Zinati Kay in Scarborough

Title Insurance

Title insurance protects against financial loss from title defects, property, and other issues with mortgage loans. Our real estate lawyers offer title insurance to protect you against challenges to the ownership of your home, and more. In fact, we regularly hire an experienced title searcher to complete title searches, which means you benefit from having an extra set of experienced eyes reviewing your title.


To prevent signing an agreement of purchase and sale form that you do not completely understand, our real estate lawyers can help you. They will make sure you fully understand the agreement, and each person’s rights and obligations. We will take the time to review the paperwork and advise you of any changes that should be incorporated to better protect your interests. Once the agreement is finalized, we will ensure that you get what you are entitled to in the agreement. We also strive to protect you from accidentally buying someone else’s legal issues when you buy the home.


Selling your home, even during a time as great as this, can still be a stressful process. At Zinati Kay, we will make sure all funds are received before you pass along the deed. Our real estate lawyers can also make sure the funds from your sale are applied to your new purchase if you sell your home before buying a new one.


Whether you want to refinance your mortgage to secure a lower interest rate, shorten the loan term, switch between a fixed rate mortgage and an adjustable rate mortgage, or tap equity and consolidate debt, our real estate lawyers can help. Our lawyers will help you by offering important advice and counsel as you refinance your mortgage. The process generally involves paying off an existing loan and replacing it with a new one with different terms. Since the process can be costly and stressful, you should discern whether the pros of refinancing outweigh the cons.

Condo Assignments

At Zinati Kay, we have extensive experience working on many assignments of condominiums for both buyers and sellers in Scarborough and the GTA. In fact, we are one of the most sought-after Toronto assignment lawyers.

Fixed Closing Costs

One of the major advantages of working with us is that we offer fixed closing costs. Unlike other real estate law firms that may charge surprise fees for their legal services, such as disbursements, title insurance, HST, land transfer tax, and HST, we will provide our clients with a quote without needing them to sign up, confirm, or select anything. We want our clients to have peace of mind knowing exactly what they need to pay upfront. Our fixed closing costs for quotes, fees, and disbursements, are as follows:

  • Buying a house is $999*
  • Selling a house is $799*
  • Selling without a mortgage is $699*

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy, educated, and experienced real estate lawyer to help you buy or sell a home, Zinati Kay – Real Estate Lawyers can help. We are a full service residential real estate law firm, with over 50 years of closing experience, that provides fixed closing costs to our clients when they buy, sell, mortgage, or title transfer their property. We have closed over 19,000 real estate transactions without a title claim and have no plans to slow down.

Selling your home in 2019 or 2020 could be the best decision you make. Toronto real estate prices keep rising, which is good news for sellers in the surrounding areas. Since Scarborough has seen the steepest increases in real estate, now it he perfect time to sell your house if you plan to move in the near future. However, this can be challenging for those who are seeking a home to buy. Whether you are buying or selling, a real estate lawyer that understands the growth of real estate, and the best commercial and residential areas to buy or sell, can help you make a wise decision. We can help our clients navigate the often-confusing terms and conditions of the buying and selling process.

At Zinti Kay – Real Estate Lawyers, we provide professional service and reasonable real estate lawyer fees and have thousands of satisfied clients to prove it. Our services include assistance with selling and buying property, mortgage refinancing, title insurance, assignments, condo/home review, and title searching. We also stay up-to-date on the standards of landlords and tenants to ensure our clients’ rights are being protected. If you want a professional to help you make wise decisions about your home, contact us at (416) 321-8267 for more information about our services.