Mortgage Refinancing and Title Transfers

Our approach to mortgage refinancing is the same as it is for purchases and sales. We will provide our clients with fixed closing cost of $799 for all fees and disbursements, plus HST, Title Insurance and Registrations to complete most refinance transactions.

We also pride ourselves on our ability to complete these transactions fairly quickly for our clients. Quite often our clients do not wish to wait a long time to refinance their property and receive their funds. We always do our best to facilitate this.

Please feel free to call us for a quote on your refinance transaction.

Title Transfers

Title transfers are sometimes required to refinance the property or because of separations, inter family transfers, transfers between friends or business partners, etc. We will be able to offer fixed closing costs on these types of transactions as well. Please call or email me with the details of your transfer and I would be happy to provide a quote. Please also note that title transfers can attract land transfer tax unless they are between spouses or, for example, a proper trust declaration is prepared (our quote will include this if applicable).