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Why Buying Property in CityPlace is a Good Real Estate Investment

What began as abandoned railway land has now transformed into a vibrant downtown community—today, CityPlace is home to thousands of Torontonians, and it is constantly growing. Located west of Bathurst Street in Downtown Toronto, CityPlace is considered one of the city’s finest areas. It is just a short walk away from Toronto’s financial district and has been growing and maturing thanks in large part to an increasing population and more available amenities and services.

The biggest draw to the area is the fact that it is booming in development, making it a great place to settle. Would-be homeowners find CityPlace’s location desirable—it is nestled between Union Station and the Gardiner Expressway, and close to King Street West and Liberty Village. There are many reasons to consider real estate investment in CityPlace and if you are seriously considering moving to the area, the professional real estate lawyers at Zinati Kay – Real Estate Lawyers can help. Here’s what CityPlace is a good real estate investment.

Buying Property in CityPlace is a Good Real Estate Investment undefined

New Condominium Developments

One of the biggest reasons that makes living in CityPlace a good investment is that there are dozens of new high-rise condominium developments. Once completed, the community is expected to be the largest residential development in Toronto. The average price for a condo in CityPlace is steadily rising and great value compared to other areas in the heart of Downtown Toronto, due to a steady increase in supply of amenities each year. In addition, many condos feature larger sized units to allow buyers to grow and raise their families there.

The Community

Since CityPlace is a condo neighbourhood, the residents are predominantly young professionals who may eventually begin families of their own. Condo developers are taking this into consideration as they plan and prepare for new residents. Establishing a true sense of community is one of the major goals for everyone involved in developing CityPlace. In the past, the area didn’t have many opportunities to organically connect the neigbourhoods, but since the CityPlace project is so large, developers are ensuring there are places to live, work, play, shop, and eat.

New Projects Entering CityPlace

According to Toronto City Councillor Joe Cressy, $150 million in public investment will be dedicated to the area over the next few years, including $77 million for two new schools, a new centre for childcare, and a community centre. These new projects plan to be opened by Fall 2019, and will join the new Fort York Library, Canoe Landing Park, The Bentway, and Mouth of the Creek Park. These spaces will create more opportunities for social interaction.

Schools and Parks Development

In the past, CityPlace lacked public facilities such as schools, community centres, and childcare facilities. With over 20,000 new residents in the area, the issue is being addressed.

A new project being developed in the area is the Canoe Landing Centre. This is a new mixed-use facility at the east edge of Canoe Landing Park that will contain a Toronto District School Board elementary school and a Toronto Catholic District School Board elementary school, as well as a community recreation centre and childcare facility. This project, designed by ZAS Architects, is planned to open this Fall 2019. Once the facility is complete, it will include a 3,000 square-foot indoor playground, designed and built by the Ontario Science Centre. It will also feature basketball courts and a community kitchen.

Young families can look forward to settling in CityPlace, where amenities like grocery stores and a library are a short walk away. With the two new schools in development, condo residents can plan for their children’s future.

Hire Zinati Kay, Your CityPlace Real Estate Lawyers

Buying a condominium in Toronto can be a complicated process, especially with the competition in the market. As more buyers seek residence in CityPlace, you may require the services of a real estate lawyer to help you find the right place for you to call home. Our CityPlace real estate lawyers can help you understand the paperwork and forms you need to review. We can help you with multiple aspects of buying property, including hiring house inspectors, negotiating who will cover the cost of repairs, getting title insurance, maintaining a good relationship with the seller, and more. Our experienced real estate lawyers can handle these responsibilities as if they are second nature. Look no further than Zinati Kay – Real Estate Lawyers when buying or selling a home in Toronto.

Having lived and worked in CityPlace for a number of years, we know what our buyers are looking for. Our signing offices are at Spadina Ave. and Front St. (381 Front Street West – by appointment), a few minutes’ walk from anywhere in CityPlace

We have extensive experience as assignment lawyers, and this is a large part of our service. We have worked on multiple assignments of condominiums for buyers and sellers in the CityPlace area. We have closed over 21,000 real estate transactions over the past 25 years, and helped many of our clients navigate the often-confusing terms and conditions of their forms. We provide professional service and reasonable real estate lawyer fees and have thousands of satisfied clients to prove it.

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